Dust Suspension Systems

Dust Suspension Systems by Smartmist Australia 


Manufacturing produces in all scales and types produces dust, depending on the location and materials used on site this can often result in health issuesfor staff or even “dust explosion”. At SmartMist we can help create a safer environments by using misting.


Even water sensitive products like wood, metal, or electronics we have the experience and quality products to create a custom solution that will keep the dust particles suppressed and your products dry. 

Benefits of Dust Suspension Systems

We can also assist in making surfaces within mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects safer and stronger. Proven to work effectively under extreme weather conditions on a wide variety of soil types and raw material stockpiles, miking sites cost-effective and environmentally responsible.


Quick Facts on Dust Suspension Systems

  • Effectively captures dust particles as small as PM10 or less leaving the air breathable
  • Increases production quality
  • Decreases machinery maintenance costs through dust reduction with less wear and tear on equipment
  • Increases equipment performance and reliability
  • Reduces the risk of dust explosion and fire
  • Reduces unpleasant odours
  • Creates a cooler environment for your workers