Fresh Produce Misting

Misting Vegetables by Smartmist Australia 


Want to offer your customers fresh produce that looks as if it’s come straight from the garden. Most vegetables can lose on average 2-7% of their weight within the first 24 hours, which can result in physical decay of their original appearance.

Benefits of Fresh Produce Misting

SmartMist Australia can help extend longer shelf life and therefore increase sales. Working with you to understand your spaces and other systems you use in store we will tailor design a misting unit for your space to insure a fresh look for your store to add value for your customers.


Quick Facts about Misting Vegetables and Produce 

  • Maintain the right level of humidity during storage and display
  • Improve your profitability with less shrinkage and wastage
  • Increase the shelf life of your product therefore maximising your investment
  • Retain nutrients, appearance and crispness, allowing you to deliver the best product to your customers and keep them coming back to buy more
  • Low operating cost, power consumption is very low