Misting Lines

Commercial Misting Lines


Ever stood by the ocean on a sweltering hot day and enjoyed a lovely cool breeze?

 Do you wish you could re-create that refreshing breeze in your hotel, restaurant, club or pubs outdoor dining areas?

How Do Misting Lines Work?

Misting systems work in the same way as a cooling ocean breeze and are perfect for hospitality outdoor cooling. Quality misting lines and fogging fans produce ultra finewater droplets.


When these droplets evaporate the air around the system is cooled, and your patrons stay longer. Another great feature of these fog systems is that the curtain of mist also acts a barrier to flying insects. You’ll find flies won’t penetrate the curtain and so won’t bother your guests while they relax.


Our Misting Lines in Action

Quick Facts

  • Lower the temperature of your outdoor areas by up to 15°C to keep your clients cool and relaxed
  • Extend trade and allow your facility to use normally dormant areas
  • Deter flying insects to make your customers experience even more enjoyable
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly with minimum water usage
  • Misting fans are commercial grade, made with stainless steel or powder coated steel