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Commercial Misting fans – Smart Mist
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Commercial Misting fans

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Portable, Easy to set up making every event a “Cooler” place to be

Misting Fans add several degrees in additional cooling as compared to a standard fixed mist line. They also help disperse the mist more evenly and farther so they work especially well for the more humid climates.

We offer several types of misting fans. One of the most popular are our Satellite Fans because they are easily mounted to a permanent structure or a pedestal. Plus, they can be used with any pump and feed line.

They are also great to use as rentals. They are very portable, easy to set up and make every event a “cooler” place to be.

Why commercial misting fans?

Besides the many types of Misting Fans – there are also many sizes in each category misting systems stocks a complete line of 14” to 36” commercial and residential mist fans in black or white. Most of these come in both 110 and 220 V – 50/60 Hz. The 24” and larger mist fans are also available with an oscillating feature.

Quick Facts About Commercial Misting Fans

  • Our fans are commercial grade, UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use and/or have fully enclosed motors
  • They come in either stainless steel or heavy duty powder coated with an additional rust coat upon request
  • They can be colour matched to you specifications
  • They come with stainless steel mist rings or our patented misting hub
  • Patented Brass & Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • 3 Year Warranty