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Vane Boost – Smart Mist
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Vane Boost

Reduce energy use by 15-20% and increase ambient capacity

Air-cooled packaged rooftop HVAC units, refrigeration systems, and chillers consume increasing amounts of energy as the ambient temperature rises. They also suffer from reduced cooling capacity.

Why Vane Boost technology?

Vane Boost are essentially galvanised steel cylinders with internal directional vanes. They are placed on top of condenser fan outlets to prevent the short cycling of heated condenser air to condenser coil inlets, and to dramatically increase the amount of condenser exhaust air. In doing so, they reduce energy use by 15-20% and increase peak ambient capacity.

Quick facts about Vane Boost technology

  • Return HVAC to standard operation
  • Extends the life of systems
  • Reclaim lost performance caused by air by-pass
  • Improve cooling efficiency by up to 30%
  • Simple instal to any size and style of unit