Wine Cellar

There are many commercial and industrial applications where artificially controlled humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the end product. While producing wine increasing the relative humidity can dramatically reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels.


This not only saves time & money for the winery, but correct humidity levels also provide for a more consistent and higher quality wine.

By effectively using a SmartMist Australia misting system, you to can track humidity levels in wine barrel caves and wine storage warehouses. It is estimated that up to 14% of the wine in a barrel can evaporate over a 2-year period . By effectively maintaining ideal humidity levels, the required ‘topping’ process and its associated cost can be virtually eliminated.


Quick Facts

  • You can ensure proper EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) levels in processing plants
  • Reduce the rate of evaporation in wine barrel storage areas and cellars
  • Reduce the incidence of dust fires